Making your bathroom wheelchair accessible

Many families deal with the challenges of an injury, illness or limited mobility due to age related issues. A family member may need a wheelchair to get around, both inside the home and outdoors.  For a wheelchair user, their previously adequate living spaces can unintentionally become yet another obstacle to

Workplace adaptions for employees who use wheelchairs

Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for all their workers; this includes workers with special needs as well.  It is important for employees in wheelchairs to be able to move around easily through the office without worrying about the obstacles such as narrow doorways, inadequate restroom facilities,

wheelchair ramp home

Benefits of installing a wheelchair ramp at home

A person relying on a wheelchair is not able to climb stairs.  They also face challenges going over a platform, entering a vehicle or public space that does not have proper wheelchair access.  This may result in the person feeling uncomfortable moving around and reduces their social interactions.  They are